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It’s Pumpkin Season – Should It Be Muffins Or Pudding?

One of the ways that I know it is Fall for sure is when I see pumpkins in cookies, lattes, milk shakes, muffins and so many different prepared foods.  Pumpkin is not one of my favorite foods but my diabetic husband likes it.  I always try to make something for him that incorporates pumpkin.  I have been using canned pumpkin and the sugar free jello type puddings in combination to try to make something that he will enjoy.

Ina Garten has inspired me to do this because when I read her cookbooks she will talk about working on a recipe for years before she prepares it to her satisfaction.  Over the weekend I tried again to make my husband a pumpkin pudding.  First of all, I like the texture of having something crunchy as a part of a pudding.  My Banana Pudding always has vanilla wafers but that could be too many carbs for a diabetic.  I saw a recipe for a diabetic dessert that used pretzels for the crunch or crust and I thought that might be a possibility.  I also like to add cream cheese to the combination to add depth to it.  As I started to include that in my pudding, I realized I didn’t have any but I had some sour cream so I decided it would be a great addition.  Here is what I did and I was pleased with the results.

tonya, pasta, muffins 005

Pumpkin Pretzel Pudding

1 cup of pretzels toasted

1 package of sugar free cream cheese instant pudding mix

1 and one half cups of skim milk

one half cup of sour cream

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon of ginger

1 cup of pumpkin

Spray a pan with non stick cooking spray.  Place the pretzels in the pan in a single layer and put them in a preheated 350 degree oven.  Toast lightly for 3 to 5 minutes.

Crumble the pretzels into small pieces.  Put one small layer of pretzels in the bottom of your dessert dishes.   (I used four glass dessert dishes)

Blend the pudding mix with the skim milk in a medium size bowl and beat with a handheld mixer for about 2 minutes.

Add the sour cream, cinnamon, ginger and pumpkin and blend together well.

Add a layer of the pudding mixture to the pretzels in the dessert dishes.  Add another layer of the crumbled pretzels and top with a final layer of the pumpkin pudding.

Garnish with pretzels.

I was happy with the results of this dessert and I liked how the saltiness of the pretzels added to the flavor of the pumpkin.

The reason I had one cup of pumpkin is because I made pumpkin muffins on Saturday and only used one cup of canned pumpkin in that recipe..  The pumpkin muffins are very similar to the ones that are available at the Old Salem Bakery in Winston-Salem, NC.  I do believe these are lighter and may not have quite as much spice in them as the ones in Old Salem.  I have made pumpkin muffins many different ways and I have shared my attempts on this blog before but I think these are my favorites.

tonya, pasta, muffins 012

This recipe is from Favorite Recipes of First United Methodist Church in Conover.

pumpkin muffins

Here is a link to my previous post about Old Salem Muffins

I think pumpkin has become extremely popular and is incorporated in so many different dishes now.  I honestly do not remember pumpkin being a popular ingredient in anything when I was growing up.  I think we used sweet potatoes or yams instead of pumpkin.  I do know that I look forward to my visits at Old Salem and especially the pumpkin muffins. I hope you are able to make the pudding or the muffins and enjoy the recipes as much as I have.

Happy Monday Everyone and Happy Fall Y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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