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On This Choosy Tuesday

I choose ThanksgivingIMG_0503

Thanksgiving has to be my most favorite holiday and I have shared it in so many different ways throughout my life.

As a child, I knew it was a special meal we shared with my Granny.  I also knew it was a time of anticipation of Christmas that would be arriving soon.

As an adult, I have shared the holiday with my husband’s parents or my parents and then eventually prepared the celebration at our home.  We only have one daughter and I could have decided it wasn’t worth preparing but it was an important holiday and I wanted to make sure she had the experience.

Later on when our daughter grew up, my husband and I would go to Hilton Head Island, SC and spend the Thanksgiving holiday there.  We volunteered one year with the community meal sponsored by a local church.  We would go bicycle riding on Thanksgiving Day and then eat at Cracker Barrel.  We would visit Harbortown and peruse around the marina. There were occasions where my daughter and her husband would celebrate with us at Hilton Head Island.

Now, we have returned to preparing the meal at our home again.  We have shared the meal with our daughter, son-in law and two grandchildren in the past few years.  We love to see them and their visit makes are day so special.

During the month of November, I will share Thanksgiving traditions and recipes for the meal.  I feel as if Thanksgiving has been forgotten and now many stores open here on Thanksgiving Day.  I have become a person that shops for a bargain and loves to use coupons; however, I will not shop on Thanksgiving Day.  There are so many other opportunities to shop without taking away from the Thanksgiving tradition.

So, on this choosy Tuesday, I choose Thanksgiving and I hope you will be able to pause and celebrate the day with your loved ones and friends.  I am extremely thankful for that tradition that was given to me by my Mother and Granny.  At all times and in all places we should be thankful.

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