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Old Salem and German Cheddar Soup

On Saturday, I was able to visit Old Salem in Winston Salem again with my husband and friends.  I love to visit the village of Old Salem and we ate lunch at The Tavern.  They offered Cheddar Beer Soup and my husband and friend, Barbara, ordered it.  It looked delicious and I could tell by the aroma that beer was a part of the mixture.  The day was gray and cold and the soup seemed like a great idea.

winston salem 11.15 015

When I came home, I looked in my Bethabara cookbook from Winston Salem and there was not a recipe for German Cheddar Soup or Cheddar Beer Soup.  I did find a recipe in the local Please Don’t Eat The Geraniums Cookbook published by the Hickory Junior Woman’s Club.  This recipe really appealed to me and it does seem quite easy to make.  I think we sometimes have the idea that if you don’t have all day to simmer a pot of soup, it will not be good.  That isn’t always the case and I think this recipe proves that.

beer cheese soup

I will share more pictures from Old Salem in future blog posts and if you are wondering, I had a barbecue sandwich on ciabata bread with a side of German potato salad.  As you can tell, Old Salem does have a German origin.

As far as my Thanksgiving plans are concerned, I will have my menu set by midweek and share it with you.  One thing that I have as my goal this year is to have dishes that my family will enjoy.  I think that is a first step to a successful Thanksgiving meal.  Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. Beer Cheddar Soup is one of my all time favorites. How delightful to be able to run down to Old Salem for lunch.


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