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Giblet Gravy a Thanksgiving Necessity

This is my last post before the big day, tomorrow.  I have enjoyed sharing my Thanksgiving plans with you.  I will give you two last minute Thanksgiving tips.

First of all, if you are stressing about taking something to a Thanksgiving celebration and you aren’t a chef or experienced cook, there are wonderful options of prepared foods in many local grocery stores and warehouse type stores like Sam’s Club.  I remember an occasion in the past when I was pressed for time and I purchased a turtle cheesecake at Sam’s Club.  It was totally consumed and many people ate it because of the good reputation it had from Sam’s Club.

Second, and I learned this the hard way and it is so important.  The first thing you should do on Thanksgiving Day is take a shower and groom yourself for the day.  Then I think you feel presentable and are ready when your guests arrive.  I have done that for the last few years and it has kept me from being frazzled at the last minute and I think my lipstick my be applied more evenly.  HaHa!

I have used this recipe for giblet gravy many times.  When I was first married, making gravy was a real challenge for me.  When I started using this recipe that I found in a Southern Living magazine, I mastered the challenge of giblet gravy.  I have to be honest and say that sometimes I don’t even use the gizzard and my gravy turns out fine.  I also like to use cornstarch instead of the flour as it seems to make my gravy smoother.

Giblet Gravy_0001

I am not a big gravy fan and that might be the reason that it is almost an after thought for me for my Thanksgiving meal.  However, I know that most of the time my gravy turns out well and everyone likes it.  I try to make it earlier in the day while my bird is cooking and I think that has given me more time to perfect it.

So are you thinking I don’t sound very Southern because I don’t like gravy.  Oh, no, no, no, you are thinking wrong.  I am a Southern girl that thinks Christmas morning can’t happen unless you have Fried Country Ham and Red Eye Gravy.  Oh So Southern and SO delicious.

I do wish for you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and I do hope you are able to spend that day with someone you love and care about.  That is really what makes Holidays SO Special!

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  1. Neighbor Barbara

    Yes you are southern for sure because you included all the essentials of a southern Thanksgiving meal. Your guests are lucky you planned so well and have such a treat waiting for them. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I give thanks for a friend and neighbor like you. I love reading your blog!

    • Thanks so much Barbara and I am so thankful for having you as a friend and neighbor. I can only share what I know and I only know Southern. HaHa

      Hope your Thanksgiving is good and I look forward to seeing you soon. I always appreciate your encouraging words about my blog



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