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The Symphony and Holiday Goodies Peanut Brittle or White Chocolate Crunch

Last night we attended the North Carolina Symphony Holiday Pops Concert in the neighboring town of Statesville.  We enjoyed it so much and they performed so many of the holiday classics in such a beautiful way.  That really elevated me into the holiday spirit and there are two things I especially love about the holidays:  Christmas music and preparing Christmas goodies.

I came home and started playing my Christmas music this morning and browsed through my Charleston Cookbook, Music, Menus & Magnolias.  It was compiled by the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League and I found two recipes right away that I wanted to share with you.

The first one is for Peanut Brittle and years ago I made peanut brittle and shared it as gifts for my neighbors and friends.  It is very easy to make and is so much better than the store bought variety.  Georgia is the peanut state because of all the peanuts that are grown there but it isn’t unusual to see peanuts growing on farmland in the summertime in North or South Carolina.  I have learned the microwave is a great asset in making this candy and the mixture is very hot so you really need to be cautious as you prepare the brittle.

microwave peanut brittle

The second recipe sounds divine to me as I have developed a taste for White Chocolate.  I think the key to this recipe or any recipe using white chocolate is to purchase the best white chocolate available for your recipe.

white chocolate crunch

Many people associate the South with country music or bluegrass and that music does have an integral part of the Southern music culture.  However, there are many of us in the South that enjoy getting all dressed up and going to the symphony to hear beautiful classical music, especially during this time of the year.

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  1. I have never heard of microware peanut brittle! I am so excited to try this recipe.


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