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No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies – One of My Favorites

In our old neighborhood, we had a neighbor that shared a plate of goodies with us every year at Christmas.  I really appreciated her efforts as I knew cooking was a chore but she always gave us wonderful goodies at Christmas.  One of my favorites was the chocolate oatmeal cookies.  She included those in her goodies every year and they were always consistently yummy.  I asked her to share the recipe but that never happened and she told me she was introduced to them by a teacher that gave them to their students during the school year.  Bribery?  Maybe but I would be extra good so I can have these for a treat.

chocolate oatmeal cookies

When I saw this recipe I immediately recognized it as the cookies I enjoyed so much and added it to my “recipes I want to try” list.  They seem so easy to make and if you are going through a baking frenzy, these can be prepared on the stovetop while you have other cookies baking in the oven.  This year I will make these cookies and I do share treats with the girls I work with sometime during the Christmas season and this may be part of that goody gift.

I always start my Christmas baking with one or two things and then it just explodes.  I try to pace myself now so I will enjoy the experience but I am sure I will end up being tired because yet again I have gotten carried away doing something I enjoy.

I hope this recipe will inspire you as you start your Christmas baking.  Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. A no bake cookie is a great idea to add to the cookie plates this year.

  2. I love these cookies. I got the recipe and made them in the late 60’s when I was pregnant with my first child. Notice when you cook the butter, sugar, milk and cocoa for a minute and a half, it becomes a fudgey chocolate sauce I would make to serve over ice cream.


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