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Southern Style Christmas Breakfast By Paula Deen or Betty Feezor

I am on my way out the door for my final shopping excursion before Christmas.  I have country ham on my list because that is what we always have for breakfast on Christmas morning.  It is a true Southern tradition and I do remember from childhood that sometime over Christmas Eve or Christmas Day we would have country ham. Country ham is cured in salt and that was a way to preserve the meat in the past.  We will have the traditional fried country ham with red eye gravy.  I am sharing Betty Feezor’s version of that recipe and it is exactly the way my Grandmother and Mother made it.  It is also the way I will make it on Christmas morning.

country ham

The second recipe is for a breakfast casserole that can be made ahead and I got the recipe from my Paula Deen Lady and Sons Cookbook.  She uses sausage in this casserole but I believe you could fry and cube country ham and use it as a substitute in the casserole for the sausage.

breakfast casserole

If you want to be really Southern and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that, you will serve the country ham with hot biscuits and grits.

Yum, Yum what a wonderful time of the year to be Southern.

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