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A Mexican Hot Dip or a Marshmallow Creme Dip?

Maybe it is because I am such a foodie, but I will eat something and think, “Man, I would love to know how to make this.”  That thought must go into my subconscious mind because I can’t recall ever thinking of it again.  Then one day, I will be browsing through a recipe book and see a recipe and remember that taste from years ago and know this is the recipe for what I had sampled earlier.  Now, this comes from a person that eats the same thing for breakfast every day so she will remember what she ate for breakfast.

Last month I blogged about the hot chipped beef dip.  By the way, I made it over the holidays and it is absolutely awesome.  However, as I was reading the recipe and going through this cookbook my friend Dixie had given me, I saw the recipe for Marshmallow Crème Dip.  I remembered that at a wedding years ago I had sampled a recipe for crème dip that I loved and someone told me it had marshmallow crème in it.  This recipe seems so similar. I know we are in the middle of winter but people still have bridal or wedding showers and special occasions throughout the winter months. Also in offices people like to help their co-workers celebrate their birthday and the honoree will sometimes request no cake.  Wouldn’t the crème dip with fruit be a great alternative and could be enjoyed by all.  I think this would be a very special dish for any of these occasions and why not just have a special treat for your family when they least expect it.  I do like the versatility of the dish and how you could use bananas, apple slices or any fruit that might be available in your area.

As I was reading the crème dip recipe, I saw the recipe above it was for hot Mexican dip.  I also know it is football playoff season and thought I would include the Mexican dip recipe too.  Wouldn’t it be a great dish for game day?

marshmallow fruit dip and creme dip

These recipes are from my Cooking With Authority cookbook published by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Hospital Authority. I hope you enjoy both of these recipes and have a great Wednesday.  Thanks for stopping by.

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