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On This Choosy Tuesday – When Things Go Wrong – Let’s Have Some Chicken and Gravy

I decided when I started the New Year that on Tuesday I would just share some of my favorite things.  I had ideas of taking pictures of my Teddy Bears, glassware or flowers and sharing them with you.

Today, you will really be surprised when I show you my favorite thing from the past week.


Yes, that is a Meineke shop and why is a favorite thing?  Because on Saturday as we traveled up into the mountains of North Carolina near Brevard, my car broke down.  First of all, let me say that my car is very dependable and I have been driving it for almost seven years and it has never broken down.  Saturday was an extremely rainy day and we drove in the rain for almost 100 miles and I do believe the stress of everything on the car being used for such a long drive had something to do with the breakdown.

We were only a few miles from our grandchildren (less than 6 miles) but never saw them.  Our car broke down at 11:15 and we called our roadside assistance.  They called everyone in Brevard and they closed at noon.  This part of the mountains is very sparsely populated so they had to get a tow truck from the other side of Asheville and they would not arrive until approximately 2 PM.  My daughter’s family has only one car and her husband was out of town in that car.  My daughter’s Mother-In-Law did come down off the mountain in her stick shift pickup truck and deliver sandwiches and pick up the gifts we had for our grandchildren.

Our car stopped steering and we thought the power steering was out and so my husband was able to turn it into the parking lot of a construction company.  The people that owned the company arrived and opened their office so we would have a place to warm our feet and have access to a rest room. Here is a picture of our stopping place and I know there is a woman that works there that tries to spiff it up.


The tow truck arrived at 2:30 and he was already late from his estimated time of arrival.  Our car was going to be towed to the Meineke shop in Hendersonville that was about 20 miles away.  We knew it would take about 30 minutes for arrival because we were in a hauler.  However, Meineke closed at 3:30 and we did not know what our alternative would be if we could not get our car repaired.


IMG_1681It was my idea to put the address for Meineke in our GPS and have it available for directions.  The tow truck driver did not have a GPS because he did not believe in them and that was obvious to us as his arrival to tow us was so late.  However, as we were going through the DuPont Park, the driver realized he had a commercial vehicle in a park and he was prohibited from driving there without asking permission.  It was actually quite funny to see how intense he got and put the pedal to the medal and got us to Hendersonville at 3:15.

Meinke assured us they did not close until 4 o’clock and after checking our car, it needed a water pump.  They had been told about the chain and had the part ready to install in the car when we arrived.  They said they would have to get the OK from their boss to work late and he approved it.  They worked on our car until 6 PM and did a wonderful job.  It was so comforting knowing our car was totally repaired as we left for our 109 mile trip home.

This picture is of the landscape view from the construction company and I wanted to share it with you.


It was a long day and disappointing.  However, I am a positive person and try to see good things in everything.  The first good thing was the fact that our grandchildren wanted to see us so much and prayed for us to have a safe trip home even though they were disappointed.  Second, as we rode into Hendersonville and turned to go to the shop, I saw this, The Fresh Market.  One of my favorite places to shop.


After our car was repaired, we took a quick trip into one of my favorite places.  So all was not lost for the day.  The third thing and the best thing is we are scheduled to visit our grandchildren this weekend. There shouldn’t be any rain and we should be able to take a quick hike through DuPont Park.

As I was writing this, I wanted to share a comforting recipe with you and one that I would love to be able to prepare and share with the nice people at Cantrell Construction in Brevard and Meineke in Hendersonville.  Here is an easy way to make chicken in the crockpot and it is very good on a cold, wet or disappointing day.

Put chicken pieces in crockpot  (You can use thighs, legs or breast)

Add one can of cream of chicken soup

Turn crockpot to low for about 8 hours or high for about 4 hours.  This makes a wonderful stewed chicken with gravy and is delicious over brown rice.

No one likes car breakdowns or to feel stranded; however, it is good to know when something bad happens to you, others will do their best to be kind and help you out.  Kindness Rocks!

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  1. I have a Fresh Market near me. I enjoy going in there. I just enjoy looking around even though my shopping list is short. I just find it a relaxing place.


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