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Liver and Onions – Really?

Growing up we had fried calves liver often.  If I remember correctly, we had it for lunch in the school cafeteria and I have seen it served in restaurants too.  I know that it is high in cholesterol and would not be a good thing to eat really often but it is an economical dish that is tasty.  Last week for some reason, liver and onions popped into my mind and I wondered if I could find a recipe for it.  I went to Mrs. Wilkes Famous Recipes Cookbook and there was a recipe for Liver and Onions.  That is the recipe I am sharing with you today because it is exactly the way I remember it.  However, my Mother never cooked it with onion for some reason.  I do not remember seeing liver in the grocery store for quite some time and it may be in the frozen food section.

liver and onion

Will I make it?  I am thinking about it but honestly, it has made me squeamish in the past.  However, my husband likes to help me in the kitchen and I am sure he would help me with the preparation. We grew up with parents that were raised in a rural area of the South and I thought that might be the reason we have eaten so many diverse things.  At the same time, I am thinking Mrs. Wilkes was a businesswoman in Savannah, Georgia and she included her liver and onions recipe in her cookbook.

It may be out of style now and I can just imagine our children if you served the dish in a school cafeteria but it was delicious and brings back happy memories for me. When I see some of the exotic foods people are eating today, fried liver doesn’t sound so bad.

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  1. With all due respect, ewwww. :-)


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