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On A Cold Day – How About Some Brownies? Chocolate or Butterscotch

Here in North Carolina it is extremely cold.  As I am writing this post it is 9 degrees here with a high in the mid-twenties forecasted for the day.  We are definitely having an extremely cold winter in the US and I thought of many different recipes that might warm you up on a cold day.  Then I remembered a long standing tradition we had in our home when our daughter was growing up.  If we had a snow day or were experiencing cabin fever, I baked brownies.  I kept the ingredients for the brownies available all winter and the smell of them baking just seemed to brighten the whole day. Eating them just added joy to the experience.

I went through my recipe file and selected two recipes I have used in the past.  You can tell by the looks of them that they have been used.  My husband loves butterscotch and he always enjoyed the butterscotch brownies before we realized he was diabetic.  The recipes were clipped from a bag of Nestle chips and they were easy to make and seemed to bake perfectly every time.  I liked the recipes because the brownies were moist and had a reach flavor to them without being overly sweet.



I would never bake these in our home again unless we were having guests.  My husband can have a small portion of a regular dessert but a whole pan of brownies would be too tempting.  I do know there is a sugar-free Pillsbury Brownie Mix available.  I have chocolate chips, pretzels and maraschino cherries stashed away.  I can melt the chocolate chips an dip a few pretzels or cherries in the melted chocolate and that will be a great treat for my diabetic husband and for me too.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Butterscotch brownies sound very good. :) The south really has been cold this winter. Here in New England we expect it but I don’t remember so many days below zero as this year. Stay warm!

    • It has been extremely cold here and I new it had to be cold in New England. I can imagine from your pictures how cozy and warm your home is on a cold winter’s morning. I hope you stay warm and healthy too. By the way, I don’t even like butterscotch so much but I love the butterscotch brownies when they are warm and just out of the overn.

  2. I make good brownies too! It must be genetic, as my dad made great brownies. Kelsea was just saying it has been too long since I’ve made them.


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