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On This Choosy Tuesday – I Choose The Sunset

So many of you, my fellow bloggers, have been an inspiration for me to add pictures to my  website.  I have decided to just take lots of pictures and not be so extremely critical of my talent.

For several months now, I have really been interested in landscape pictures and pictures of the sunset.  I love the swirl of colors when the sun is setting.  As I work to 6 pm everyday and the sun has been setting before I get off work it has seemed impossible to take photos of the sunset.  I have been so interested in it at work that my preschoolers watch the sky with me to see if the sunset will be pink.

Last Friday on the way home from work, I saw a beautiful sunset developing and new I wanted to snap a picture of it.  I hurriedly ran into the house and rushed right past that margarita my husband had prepared for me.  I told my him I needed my camera quick as the sun was setting.  I took the pictures below from my front yard and was happy with the outcome.  I will continue to practice but I am gaining confidence that I just need to keep taking pictures.

When you have such a beautiful subject as a sunset, how could any picture be bad?






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  1. The sunsets are always pretty this time of the year in the south. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. trkingmomoe – thanks for your comment and encouragement concerning my photography!!


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