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An Ina Garten Pasta Dish Is Perfect For Valentines Day

Last week I wrote about Ina Garten and shared two of her recipes.  Over the weekend I was thinking about those posts and the recipe I wanted to share with you today. I realized that I might have been misleading in saying that Ina’s recipes are easy.  I think for an experienced cook they can be easy but if you have just started to develop your cooking skills, you might find them to be complicated.

The recipe I am sharing with you today is fairly simple and so delicious.  It uses simple ingredients that most of us have in our pantry and the main ingredients are spaghetti, garlic and olive oil.  I love the wonderful aroma of the oil and garlic as it cooks in my kitchen. The part that requires the most skill is to cook the garlic in the olive oil for only two minutes.  I think this would be a perfect dish for Valentine’s Day.  As Ina suggests you could add shrimp to the pasta.

This recipe is from her cookbook, How Easy Is That?

spaghetti aglioI think I like Ina’s recipes so much because she explains exactly what you are supposed to do in complete details.  If you read her books you know that she continues to test recipes over and over until she gets the results she desires.

I do believe this definitely be a part of my Valentine’s Day Dinner and I do highly recommend it.  You could always make a test recipe now and be more skilled to make the pasta because the ingredients are inexpensive but the results are wonderful.

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  1. I don’t eat pasta or carbs often, but when I do, this is the dish I can’t resist! And it’s best to eat it with your beloved so you’re BOTH all garlicky for days to come.


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