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On This Choosy Tuesday – I Chose Snow

IMG_0023 - Copy

No this isn’t a picture of the snow that is forecasted for tonight and tomorrow.  I was getting a little grumpy about it snowing again.  Being an organized person, I don’t like it when it snows on a day that is my shopping and errand day.  I am flexible and have changed my To Do list to adjust.

Late yesterday afternoon as I was leaving my job at the daycare center I was grumbling about the upcoming snow forecasted for North Carolina.  A co-worker agreed with me that they didn’t like snow either but kids loved it and they hadn’t seen a good snow in their lifetime.

That made me stop and think.  Yes, we had a beautiful snow as shown in these pictures, three years ago.  That means most of the children in our daycare would never have seen or remembered that snow.

So I have changed my attitude.  So what if I need to change my shopping and errand day so that kids can have a fun day in the snow.  Happy snow day everyone and enjoy yourselves!!

My Side Yard During A Christmas Snowfall

My Side Yard During A Christmas Snowfall

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  1. Hooray for attitude adjustments! Since we can’t change the weather.I remember being thrilled by our rare snows as a North Carolina kid.


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