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Happy Valentine’s Day and Ina’s Frozen Berries

I have been snowbound since Wednesday and I just kept pondering what I would share with you on this special day.  Valentine’s Day growing up in the South for me was the sight of pretty Valentine boxes filled with candy.  My sister and I usually got small boxes filled with chocolates but my Mother got an awesome box of chocolates.  This morning my husband gave me an assortment of some of my favorite chocolates including Dove, Lindor and York Peppermint Patties.  He also gave me a small decorated heart box of Russell Stove chocolates.  It is a family tradition that continues.

Yes, I have put on pounds through the years but I can’t blame that on the special event of Valentine’s Day.  I think everyone should enjoy the special day with someone special and include special family traditions.  My Mother and Daddy never went out to eat or did anything special on Valentine’s Day. My husband and I always share a special meal together, exchange cards and share some type of chocolate for the special day.  As I kept pondering about what I should share with you, this frozen berries recipe with hot white chocolate seemed like the right choice.

I honestly believe this is an easy recipe to prepare and it doesn’t require lots of baking skills.  If you follow Ina’s instructions in melting the chocolate completely, it will turn out great.

Ina's Frozen Berries picture

This morning I knew I wanted to share Ina’s frozen berries with hot white chocolate recipe from her Barefoot Contessa At Home Cookbook. I know I have been writing about Ina a lot recently but this is something that can be prepared quickly.  I have become a huge fan of white chocolate and the good quality white chocolate does not leave a greasy taste in your mouth.  You layer and freeze the berries and I do believe I have used the frozen raspberries before when I could not find fresh ones.  I think you could vary the type of berries that you use according to your personal choice.  It is so rich and a light dessert if you are having a lot of carbs in your main dish. I plan to make this dessert for our Valentine meal.

Ina's Frozen Berries

I will return to my Southern roots and share more of my favorite Southern recipes and traditions for sure.  A little known fact is that when Ina and Jeffrey were married they started their married life in Fayetteville, NC.  So doesn’t that mean I am sharing a recipe from a great cook with some Southern roots?

Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks for stopping by.

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