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Let’s Start The Week With A Corn Casserole

Several years ago during the economic downturn here in the US, I lost my full time job and two years later my husband lost his full time job.  It wasn’t a fun time for either of us and I am thankful we had each other.  It really changed my perspective on life and I learned to manage my money really well.  I also watched Suzy Orman’s TV show and learned many helpful things from her.  The one thing I do remember the most is that she said we should control our money and not let our money control us.

Since Christmas of last year, I think I have some how slipped back into the habit of letting my money control me.  I did not realize that until maybe the last couple of weeks.  When my husband and I were going through difficult times, I would have pantry weeks.  Pantry week can be a week where you look at the items you have on hand and then prepare meals with those items. Here in the US we are richly blessed with food and wonderful food stores filled to the brim with wonderful products. Last week even though I enjoyed my snow days off from work, I realized that I am going to need to be creative when I prepare meals over the next couple of weeks.

I started browsing through my local church and civic cookbooks to find recipes that would stretch the budget but would taste delicious. When I saw this recipe for special corn casserole I thought it would be a great option.  I don’t like the canned corn you purchase in the store as called for in the recipe but I think you could use frozen corn as a substitution.  I would cook the frozen corn and add salt, pepper and a couple of tablespoons of butter before putting it in the casserole. I think we can cut corners with our meal but if we have one dish that seems a special it can certainly add to the enjoyment of the meal.corn casserole This recipe is from the Monticello Fire Department of Statesville, NC and was published in 1979.  I am sure many of the homemakers that contributed to this cookbook created great meals from their freezer, pantry or fresh vegetable garden in their back yard.  I do believe homemakers have been doing that for years.

I hope your week is off to a good start and thanks for stopping by.



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  1. The corn casserole sounds like one a friend of ours makes and my husband always talks about it. Since I don’t go out during snowy weather, I pantry is indispensable. :)

  2. I make corn casserole a lot. It can be a real budget stretcher.


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