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Chicken Casserole – A Covered Dish Favorite

I was so excited when I discovered the recipe I am sharing with you today.  I have eaten this many times at covered dish meals and I absolutely love the combination of chicken, sour cream and Pepperidge Farm’s bread crumbs.  I have made a longer version of this recipe but you do a lot of chopping and I don’t mind that at all if I have time to cook.  This would be a good recipe for a time when you need to create something that tastes good without lots of effort.  I do know that cream of chicken soup and cream of chicken soup would be considered a staple in most southern pantries. I do like the way the soups can add flavor to a casserole without lots of effort on my part.

If you read my blog on Monday, my goal for the week is to create good meals using the ingredients I have in the pantry.  This recipe would be a good choice and now chicken parts are so much larger than they were in 1972, I would use two jumbo bone-in chicken breasts for this.  My husband and I could make two meals out of this casserole and it would be so good with a side of broccoli or a green vegetable.

At the bottom of the casserole is a recipe for barbecued tuna.  That recipe is so familiar to me as I went to Weight Watchers in the 70’s and we had to eat seafood five times a week.  I don’t enjoy seafood so much so I made this barbecued tuna to help me to include my seafood in my weekly diet. I wanted to include this and ask if anyone else remembers it.  Oh and by the way, no I don’t eat tuna but yes I do eat good old North Carolina Barbecue made from pork, of course.chicken sour cream casserole

I hope you are able to try this recipe soon and I know I am going to include it in my weekly meal planning because I think it is a very tasty way to stretch our food budget.  This recipe is from the New Life Baptist Church Cookbook, Lincolnton, NC.

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