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On This Choosy Tuesday


That is a question I am asked a lot and over the last few months I have really become a little weary from answering the question.  I think most people look at me and can guess that I am at retirement age and they assume I do not work.  My husband and I were effected by the economic downturn here in the US in 2008 and were forced to retire.  We both chose to work part time.

When I worked in the corporate world before my retirement, I heard the question “what do you do?” a lot.  I think many people would have great projects for the weekend or participate in some sporting event or travel.  Lots of times I spent the weekend at home.  I would get unusual looks from people when I told them that is what I planned to do.  It seems a little strange to me that our home is probably our biggest investment but many times we do not have or take the time to enjoy our homes.

flag pictures 002

In the last month or two I began to consider the question of “What Do You Do?” very seriously and have given it some serious thought.  My husband is a wood turner and many times people have looked at his creations and then turned to me and asked me “that question.”  I think they expect me to have the same creative juices that he does and that doesn’t appeal to me at all.

So being the list-making, organized person that I am, I decided to consider all the things I do and I realized I do lots of things.  First of all, my working hours have increased and I now work over 25 hours a week.  I write this blog and that is definitely something I LOVE to do.  I love to have household projects and in the past I have always had something that I was working on to improve my home in some way.

Somehow, I got off track and tried to “do something.” That is when I started getting a little mopey and I could not figure out what was wrong with me.  Then we were working on our spiritual gifts in my Sunday School class at church and I did not have a high score in arts and creativity.  I realized I am just not made that way.

My guest bedroom is now filled with my projects that I am looking forward to completing. I have all the family photos from the last year to organize and put into albums or photo boxes.  I will be making a couple of pieces of jewelry for some friends and family that will be having birthdays soon. I have some pictures that are framed from recent travels and I plan to arrange them and place them on a blank wall in our home.

By the way, I did create a post earlier when I created the wreath below that now hangs on my front door.

wreath pictures for blog 002

I am much happier right now with my well suited projects that I enjoy in my spare time.  Happily, I will be able to share my blog with you and talk about food, cooking and the South and that is a very special part of my life.  I think the next time I am asked “the question” my answer will be that I am a homemaker and it makes me very happy to make my house a home.

Thanks for stopping by.

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