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How About Some Ranch Chicken?

If you read my blog last week, I was talking about using the ingredients in my pantry to prepare my weekly meals.  So far I have been able to stretch my food budget by using what I have on hand.  Luckily I have a husband (and from now on in this blog I will refer to him as Mr. D) that doesn’t mind eating chicken so many different ways.  I wanted to make something really exceptional this coming weekend and he loves chicken thighs.  When I saw the recipe I am sharing with you today, I remembered how much we have enjoyed it in the past.  The chicken is baked instead of fried and it is crispy on the outside, moist on the inside and the ranch dressing gives it a great flavor.ranch chicken

One of my favorites is ranch dressing and it is such a new southern tradition.  Growing up in the south I only remember French dressing and I did not like it.  Maybe that is the reason salads did not have the same popularity here as they do now.

Just a note about Mr. D.  I realized the other day that I usually mention my husband as “my husband.”  I remembered a friend that when she was introduced to us got quite confused as my husband’s name is Dale and my name is Dianne.  She decided from that day on to call us Mr and Mrs D.  When I was thinking of how I wanted to refer to Dale in future posts I remembered Susie.  So in honor of a dear sweet friend and a fabulous cook, Susie, I will call him Mr. D.

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