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Lemon Stickies Anyone?

One of my favorite flavors is lemon.  As I have slowly seen signs of Spring arriving soon, I started thinking of desserts made with lemons.  My all time favorite is lemon pound cake but I was also thinking of a treat that would be an easy fix for a busy weekend.  As I browsed through my recipes, I saw the one I am sharing with you today.  I remember the first time I ever ate Lemon Stickies was when my neighbor, Gere shared them with our family.  She was kind enough to share the recipe with me as she knew I loved to cook.  She is a great friend and even though I no longer live in her neighborhood,  I still see her sometimes at the gym and we always enjoy “visiting” while we are exercising.

This dessert was all the rage here in the 80’s and it seemed every cook loved making and sharing them.  I have seen a similar product in the brownie cake mix section of our local grocery stores but I have never tried them.  If you have a very busy weekend planned, this would be an easy dessert to prepare quickly and without lots of technical cooking experience.lemon stickies

Because of the amount of confectioners sugar in the recipe it is very sweet.  However, I think the trick is to cut it into small bars for serving portions.  It was so good to see this recipe and remember the fun times Gere and I had as neighbors.  Isn’t it great how a recipe, can bring back so many happy memories?

Happy Weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by.


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  1. I’ve never had lemon sticks but I know I would enjoy them…I’m like you I love lemon.


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