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A Quick Weekend Treat – Goat Cheese with Chipotles

I am developing a taste for goat cheese and I love the creaminess of it.  The other day I realized I had plain goat cheese and some chipotles in the fridge.  I decided to combine them.  It was super easy and very tasty.  As a chipotle is a smoke dried jalapeno pepper, I added it to the goat cheese sparingly until it reached the desired taste.  I used a very small chipotle and cut it into tiny pieces. Here is how I did it.

Goat Cheese With Chipotles

one 4 ounce package of goat cheese plain

one chipotle or more if desired.

I took the goat cheese out of the fridge so it would be at room temperature.  I added the chipotle pepper that had been chopped into small pieces.  I also added some of the liquid from the peppers until it was spicy enough.  I don’ t like extremely spicy food but do like a little bit of heat in the spread.

It is so good served with corn bread crackers or wheat crackers.

The spread was a real hit at our house and so super easy to make.  Hope your weekend is good and thanks for stopping by.

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