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Tar Heel Pie Anyone?

I recently wrote a post about a contest promoted by Our State Magazine in their February issue.  The contest was to determine whether pie or cake was the official dessert of North Carolina.  The finalists included pound cake and pecan pie that was declared the winner.  I enjoyed following the contest and was curious about the results.  Do I agree?  Not necessarily, as I was voting for the pound cake.  I made it a goal of mine when I married to be able to make a pound cake from scratch.  After much work, determination and many failures, I do feel I have achieved that goal.

When I have spoken to people in other states and asked what they thought of when they thought of this state, I have heard basketball, nascar and barbecue.  When I was growing up, tobacco was the first thing anyone thought of when they thought of our state; however, that has very quietly changed.  If I was thinking of a dessert for North Carolina, I would have never thought of pecan pie and I do think of Georgia when I think of pecans.  I would probably think of sweet potato pie,  banana pudding or pound cake.

As I read the February issue of Our State Magazine I saw this recipe for tar heel pie.  As we are recognized as the tar heel state, why can’t we just say this is the official dessert of our state? It includes everyone’s favorite, chocolate and pecans are included in the recipe.  tar heel pieThis recipe is from the above book by Nancie McDermott.  I enjoyed reading about her in the Our State magazine and envied how she cooks delicious desserts and then writes about them.  Then I thought of so many of my fellow bloggers that cook delicious recipes and then write about them and realized that we all do that to a certain extent.

I believe dessert should be something created for any special person, place, or occasion or just to make a memory of a special time.  Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. If I lived in your state, I think I might have to vote for the tar heel pie. :)


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