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Seagrove, NC – Such A Homey Place

Seagrove North Carolina is such a peaceful place.  The town is nationally known for the potters that create and sell their wares in the small town.  It is very close to the town where I grew up and I always enjoy visiting the small homey place.  When we visited earlier in March, I thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of the countryside.  Here is a picture to let you see how pretty the area is even in the dead of winter.


As you drive through the area on the pottery highway, you will see many signs posted beside the road directing you to the various potters in the town.  Some potters have beautiful log cabins or rock homes and some of them live in frame houses and have a pottery shack behind the house.


The picture below is the road sign for highway 705 and that is the pottery highway that runs through the town.  The potters are on this highway and also on side roads as you drive through the area.IMG_2006

This is a picture of the inside of the Village Pottery in downtown Seagrove.  They sell pottery from the locals and from potters all over the country.  The shop is owned by a married couple and she is the potter of the family.IMG_2005

Here is another sign nailed to a tree at an intersecting road on the pottery highway. I love the name Fat Beagle Pottery.  I purchased a piece of Fat Beagle pottery at a local yard sale because I remembered that name.IMG_2018

This is one of the close up views of some of the pottery at the Village Pottery in downtown Seagrove.  Mr. D is a wood turner and he loves the shapes of this pottery and we snapped pictures for his inspiration pieces.IMG_2002

Another view of the pottery at the Village Pottery in Seagrove.

IMG_2000Below is a picture of the main part of town.  This is the stoplight and there are quite a few shops in the main street area.  I always enjoy visiting the shops and talking with the people there.  IMG_2012

I have visited Seagrove many times and I have tried to visit all of the pottery shops but I do think that is impossible to do in one day.  I know there is now a bed and breakfast in the town so you could spend the night and make it a weekend trip.  Seagrove is located just a few miles off I-75 near Asheboro, NC.  If you want to make a quick stop in the town, I would suggest exiting off the Interstate and visiting the shops in downtown Seagrove.  I think you would also enjoy a short trip down the pottery highway just to view the scenery and the different types of pottery available.  It wouldn’t take over two hours out of your travel day.

Hope you will be able to visit Seagrove sometime in the future and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Such a nice little day trip. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Seagrove sounds like a nice place to stop and explore if you are in the area.

  3. I have some beautiful pottery from Seagrove!!


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