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Twenty Wishes?

As I started to write this, I was going to say I recently read the book by Debbie Macomber entitled Twenty Wishes.  Actually, I listened to the book and I have found that I really do enjoy listening to books on my Walkman.  I had never listened to one of Debbie’s books before but I enjoyed it immensely.  It is about several women that are in their mid or later years and decide to make a list of twenty wishes.  The wishes aren’t the same thing as goals but it made me think about some of the things I want to do.  As I am now 66, I realize that if I don’t do some of  the things I wish to do, time could swiftly pass me by and they may never be accomplished.  As the book progresses the idea spreads to many different people and situations.

Here is a picture of the book:

twenty wishes

Yes, you guessed it, I have started my twenty wishes list and I have even decided that you can have several different lists.  Mr. D and I are creating our 20 wishes lists of where we would like to travel together.  Most of the places we want to visit are here in the US but we have decided to pursue them while we are still able to travel.  As I was thinking of my twenty wishes, I also thought of things I have wanted to cook and just have never gotten around to it.  A couple of weeks ago I prepared gumbo for the first time and it actually turned out great.  That was one of my 20 cooking wishes.  Another wish I have is to make chicken and dumplings from scratch.  My Mother and my Grandmother made them from scratch and I have never even attempted it.  I do plan to make them possibly for our Easter meal.

The other day as I was browsing through my cookbooks, the recipe clippings below fell out of one of them.  It was a local cookbook and I can only imagine why they were in the cookbook.  Have you ever lost a recipe.  It is the most frustrating thing for me when that happens.  Maybe this cook clipped the recipes and never used them or maybe they were three of their favorite recipes and they had used them for a special occasion and left them in the book to use again. The recipes are very old and I was a little surprised to see a recipe from South Dakota for dumplings.

twenty wishes recipes

I think of goals as dreams with deadlines.  I think of wishes as some things that are pleasant expectations that we can look forward to such as learning to knit, teaching a pet to roll over, or make chicken and dumplings from scratch.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the twenty wishes ideas.  I have shared one of my twenty wishes with you and would love to hear what you are wishing for.

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  1. I should send you my Mother’s chicken and dumpling recipe. I’ve never tried to make it on my own. And I know what you mean about losing a recipe. My mother gave me my Great Aunt Ene’s sugar cookie recipe and I tweaked it until they were the BEST sugar cookies I ever had … and then lost it in a move. I’ve never been able to recreate it. That was 15 years ago and I’m still miffed about it!

    • I would love for you to share your Mother’s recipe. My Mother made a cake she called and applesauce cake but she used dried apples. I lost or misplaced my copy of the recipe and I have been searching for it forever and can’t find it anywhere. A lost recipe is a lost treasure for sure!!


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