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Barbequed Shrimp, Shrimp and Wild Rice Salad or a Shrimp Burger?

Last night I was talking to my sister on the phone.  We both love to read and especially like reading books written by Southerners.  We started talking about Pat Conroy that lives in the Beaufort South Carolina area.  Even though we are both Southern to the core, we haven’t been reading his books as they are very dark and it may be just at this time in our lives we want to read something light and entertaining.

As I was talking to her, I realized the inspiration for this blog came from Pat Conroy’s cookbook.  I enjoyed reading about the many people that had influenced his culinary interests.  He wrote about experiences in the low country of South Carolina and as I visit that area at least once a year, I could relate to his experiences.  One of my favorite stories in the book was his shrimp burger story.  He would fly off to some wonderful exotic place and when he returned after the plane landed, he would stop at the shrimp shack and have a shrimp burger before going home.  That is a real foodie if I ever heard of one.  That gave me the idea of writing about my food experiences and sharing a little part of my southern culture with others.

As Spring has arrived and I will sometimes feel a warm breeze, I am reminded of the beautiful low country of South Carolina.  Shrimp is big part of the low country and today I am sharing two recipes from my Hilton Head Island Island Events Cookbooks.  One recipe is for barbecued shrimp and that is a great southern combination.  The other recipe if for Savannah wild rice shrimp salad and I think that is a great choice for springtime.

barbecued shrimp


shrimp and wild rice salad

Here is a link to Pat Conroy’s Cookbook and I think it is a good read for anyone.

Here is a link to the Shrimp Shack where Pat Conroy highly recommends their shrimp burger.

I am thankful for great writers like Pat Conroy and the wonderful way he expressed his experiences and love for food.  I appreciate the inspiration it gave me to give this blog a try.

I am thankful for my sister and that we can laugh out loud so much.  As I talked to her last night, we both laughed our heads off when she said that if someone said Pat Conroy she thought of dark troubled novels and I told her I thought of shrimp burgers.

Another laugh we shared was over my earlier post of Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber.  On Monday I packaged up my copy of the book and had Mr. D mail it to my sister in Wilmington.  The post office assured him my sister, Maxine, would receive the book by yesterday.  On Wednesday Maxine sent me a text that she had a hold put on the book at her library.  I snickered thinking of how surprised she would be when she received the book.  On Thursday, I did not hear from her and checked the tracking info on the book and it was out for delivery.  As we were talking by phone last night, she told me again she had a hold put on the book.  I was going to keep it a secret but just started laughing.  I had to tell her that I had mailed my copy to her and it was out for delivery.  She said she had not checked the mail and it was probably in her mailbox.

Maybe those laughs are just things sisters can share but a few weeks ago the book by Lewis Grizzard entitled Elvis is Dead and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself popped into her head.  Little did she know that I had mailed that book to her the same day.

Sisters minds just think alike.  Hope you have a Happy Fun Weekend and thanks for stopping by.



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  1. I am enjoying 20 Wishes (thank you), but I am still snickering…that was just too funny!

  2. OH, I do love the Shrimp Shack…………now you have made me hungry. Love the story about the book, how wonderful to have a sister to share things with!

  3. A lovely post and I agree with you about shrimp fresh from the gulf being an important ingredient of the southern states.


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