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Sharing Two Of My Favorites – Roasted Sweet Pepper Spread Or Praline Grahams – Again

Mr D is attending a class at our church every Monday night and the different participants furnish snacks.  He asked me if I wanted to contribute and of course, I said yes.  He gave me an idea of what is being served and I will furnish the snacks next Monday.  I wanted to have a couple of things that are purchased and a couple of things that I have prepared.  I went back to my true and tried recipes.  I have shared these on this blog before but I think both of them are unique and very tasty.  For the cook, the best part is they are so easy to make.

The first one is Roasted Sweet Pepper Spread and it is great on town house crackers. A real plus for me is that the local Dollar Tree store has the roasted red peppers and most of us have the other ingredients in our cupboard. It can be stored in the fridge for a week so it can definitely be made ahead.

red pepper spread

The second recipe is something I have made for years and it is tasty and very easy to prepare.  It can definitely be made ahead of time and it seems to be a favorite every time I serve it.  The praline grahams are sweet and have a crispness to them after baking in the oven.  If the crackers break after baking, I still serve them as I think the results of this recipe is more of a cracker candy treat.

praline grahams


I will be working on Monday when Mr. D leaves for his meeting but it will be very easy and uncomplicated for him to take the above treats with him.  We will also have various cheese slices and mixed nuts to be served.

When Mr. D told me we were preparing the snacks, I wanted to make sure he had not told the people at the meeting that I am a gourmet cook.  I love the way he brags about my cooking but I am just a normal every day cook.  He assured me that he just told them that I liked to cook.  That is definitely an honest statement.

I know many Southerners still like to fry everything and we are known for that but I think the above recipes show how we are using different combinations of old favorites as shown in the praline grahams.  This Southern family for sure loves roasted red peppers and that is a new food for Southerners.

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