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Ina Garten’s Baked Sweet Potato “Fries”

As a child growing up in the South, fast food was food your Mother prepared in the kitchen.  My Mother was a working Mother and that was so unusual in the 50’s when I was growing up.  Because daycares were unheard of in that time period, my Mother and Daddy would work opposite shifts in local mills.  I think I am trying to say we certainly did not eat lots of meals as a family together during the week.  I will say my Mother prepared her food with love and was so happy when people enjoyed eating her dishes.  My daddy made the best grits and the best cole slaw I have ever eaten so both of those are wonderful food memories for me.

So you are probably asking yourself how that relates to the Ina Garten recipe I am sharing with you today.  I see so many references to fresh food now and from the farm to the table or from the garden to the table recipes.  Growing up in the South, that was the normal.  I remember cook’s preparing a mess of beans or some other vegetable they had just picked from the garden.  Why did they call them a “mess of”?  I always thought it was because when you shelled and prepared them it was quite messy.

This recipe is not hard to prepare at all.  I will say that in preparing this there is only one thing to consider and that is a consistency in the size of the slices of potato so they will cook evenly.  Is that why Ina Garten recipes appeal to me so much?  Maybe but also the simplicity of ingredients needed to prepare her recipes.  Usually cooks have the ingredients in their kitchen to prepare a very tasty dish from one of her recipes.

Here is the recipe from Ina Garten’s Back to Basics Cookbook:

sweet potato fries

I think the title of the cookbook Back to Basics is an example of the new trend of preparing fresh quality ingredients in a simply way with great results.  The Southern women before me did the same but I think they would be guilty of adding a little meat grease.  Baked sweet potato fries would be a great alternative for a diabetic because the fiber in the sweet potato helps to maintain a good sugar level.

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  1. Love those Sweet Potato Fries………….just sooooooooooooo many carbs got to avoid those root vegetables……once in a while I get to eat one or two off a friends plate.


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