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Coconut Cake or Macaroons For Easter

When I think of Easter, I think of coconut.  Maybe it is because I am Southern and many of our special occasions must include a coconut cake or pie.  When I eat a dessert that includes coconut I am so glad that I like it.  For some reason this week, I started to think about coconut macaroons.  I have never made them but I do love to eat them.  I saw the two easy coconut recipes I am sharing with you today in my recipes I have collected over the years from watching the Betty Feezor Show on TV.

The coconut macaroons would be something a little unusual to serve for an Easter gathering. If you are not a seasoned cook, the recipe for the coconut cake would be a great one to try as you use a cake mix and frozen coconut. I have eaten this cake many times and it is absolutely delicious.

Here is the recipe for the coconut cake and I am not sure you would actually call it a fresh coconut cake because you are using frozen coconut.

easy coconut cakeHere is the recipe for the easy coconut macaroons

easy macaroons

Betty Feezor was such a great Southern cook and she inspired me and gave me confidence that I could cook.  When I am feeling a little uninspired about cooking, I can return to her cookbooks and find many options to motivate me to cook something special.

By the way, have you noticed I never write about California?  Well, it isn’t very Southern for sure but I enjoyed both of my visits to the Los Angeles area and I think San Diego is just one of the most beautiful cities ever.  I ate the best coconut macaroons ever at the Solvang Bakery in California.  Here is a link to their website and it just made my mouth water to see all of the goodies they have and I did not realize you could order the macaroons on line.  Oh My!!!

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  1. Enjoyed it! do check my blog and fill me in with your comments:

  2. Thanks so much for visiting The Solvang Bakery in California Mrs. D. We are absolutely delighted that you loved the coconut macaroons! We’re finding that they’re becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are eating gluten-free. We posted your kind words to our Facebook and Pinterest pages with a link to your blog post. We hope that y’all will come visit again! :)

  3. I have found most people have a love-hate relationship with coconut. I love anything with coconut in it – candy – cakes – pies. I even like coconut doughnuts! These cookies sound delicious!

  4. Southern, would you believe I’ve never seen frozen coconut although maybe it is because I wasn’t looking for it. I like to make macaroons and then dip the bottoms in dark chocolate.

    • Karen: Bird’s Eye has frozen coconut and here in North Carolina it is available at Walmart. I love macaroons and that sounds wonderful. I have a great macaroon story to share next week. Happy Easter to you and I hope you enjoy your celebrations too.


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