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A Serendipity Experience Thanks To Solvang Bakery

According to the dictionary, serendipity means the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.  Last week I was super excited when I received a courtesy package from Solvang Bakery of Solvang, California.  On April 9th I wrote about coconut macaroons and mentioned that the best macaroons I had ever tasted was during a visit to the Solvang Bakery.  I was totally surprised and it was completely unexpected to receive the package of wonderful macaroons just in time for my our Easter weekend.

Here is a picture of the package:


In the picture below you can see that the macaroons were either the classic macaroons or macaroons dipped in chocolate.  They are chewy on the outside and the  inside is so creamy and so delicious they just melt in your mouth.

Here is a link to the Bakery website and it is beautifully illustrated:


As you can see from my picture below, the macaroons made me very happy and were just as yummy as I remembered them.


I do believe Southern hospitality is spreading and when I think of California, I will remember the thoughtfulness and kindness of Susan, Melissa and Julie at The Solvang Bakery.

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. How lovely to finally see a picture of your pretty face!

  2. Awww….So sweet of you to publish these lovely pictures and create this post! This was absolutely our pleasure, and we are just delighted that you so enjoyed the macaroons. Continued good luck with your blog…and we hope to continue to adopt your Southern Hospitality spirit!

    With very best regards,

    Julie (The Solvang Bakery)


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