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Summertime Is Coming – Freezer Bag Ice Cream – A Fun Treat

Yesterday, for the first time this year, I actually had to turn on the ceiling fans because I was extremely warm.  I did not complain because I love warm weather and summertime so much.  In the summer I love all the fresh fruits and vegetables but I always love frozen treats too.  As the school year is coming to an end, I thought of the freezer bag ice cream I am sharing with you.  This would be a great end of the year treat for a Pre-K class or for a kindergarten graduation party.  As our grandchildren will be visiting this coming weekend, I realize we want to do special things with our grandchildren.  This ice cream is something the grandchildren can enjoy and as they are 2 and 6, they can help with the preparation.

The ice cream has a great flavor and you can use skim milk or Splenda and it will still be very good.

My favorite part of the recipe is letting the children help by throwing the bag back and forth, GENTLY.  I have learned through my daycare and pre-k experience that children have a very different concept of gentleness, especially those sweet little boys.

Thanks for stopping by.

freezer ice cream

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  1. You learn something new everyday…I have never heard of freezer bag ice cream. I’m sure your grandchildren not only love eating it but helping to make it.

  2. Loving that! We still have our heating on! Really like the idea of throwing the bag about!


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