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Betty Feezor’s Hot Dog Chili

As we are approaching the weekend, I hope the weather is warmer where you are.  As I think of Spring, I think of all the fun times we will be using our grill for meal preparation.  We love hot dogs and hamburgers and many times we have celebrated Mr. D’s birthday on May 7 and Mother’s Day with a cookout as we call it in the South.  I think it is referred to as a barbecue in other places.  We usually make burgers with all the trimmings and it is such a great way to celebrate a special day.

The recipe I am sharing with you today is one I have used for over 20 years.  When I was watching the Betty Feezor show in the late 70’s, I would get her monthly recipes in the mail.  E-mail was unheard of at the time. This recipe has become a family favorite and because we now have a small family I have learned how to portion it out in to servings.  I make the chili and put it into muffin tins with the liners in place.  I put them in the freezer and then when frozen, take them out and put them in small individual plastic bags.  I place all the small bags into a larger freezer bag and we defrost the servings as needed.


hot dog chili

I hope a cookout or barbecue is something you are looking forward to real soon.  Even though, Betty called this hot dog chili, we enjoy it on our hamburgers. too.

Happy Weekend Everyone. Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. I have a pig picking cake chilling in the refrig. I will ice it later. I only had banana pudding but I think it will work with the pineapple. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. I bet the banana pudding worked great with the cake. I use the sugar free cheesecake pudding sometimes and we enjoy it too.


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