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A Mother’s Day Cake Kids Would Love To Make – Dirt Cake

I had never heard of dirt cake until I moved to Catawba County, North Carolina in the last 70’s.  I was really curious about it and a friend shared it with me.  The cake includes oreo cookies so it has to be absolutely delicious.  The ingredients are blended together and layered into plastic flower pots.  The layers end with the oreo cookies on top that represents the dirt.  Even though this recipe does not specify it, the oreo cookies are ground into crumbs.

As our grandchildren visited this past weekend, when I saw this recipe I could imagine how much they would love to help make a dirt cake for their mom.  My six year old grandson, Asher, loves to help out in the kitchen and I can see him laughing and having a good time assembling this concoction.  Our granddaughter Eva is only two so she would only be able to put the gummy worms on top and plant the flower.  However, I think they would love the idea of making a real dirt cake instead of the sandbox type.

dirt cake

This recipe is from a local church cookbook, New Hope Baptist Church in Hickory, NC.  I think even though it has been around for a while, it would be a great choice for Mother’s Day, especially if you want the children or grandchildren to help.

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  1. My grand daughter in law made me that last year for my birthday. It was funny because she tried to use cooked pudding mix instead of instant. She has never learned much in the kitchen. It was just her mom and her. They just microwaved ready to eat meals. She was using my ingredients out of my pantry to do this. That is what I had at the time. It was one of the few things she knew how to make but didn’t know there was 2 kinds of pudding mix.


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