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It is strawberry picking time in North Carolina.  There are strawberry fields all over the state where you can pick your own strawberries.  At one time, there was a farm near my home here in Catawba County that grew strawberries and I picked strawberries there many times.  It was a family event and I remember how our daughter looked forward to it every year.  Ira Cline’s strawberry farm has ceased operation because Ira has finally retired. Even though it doesn’t exist any longer, I remember the wonderful fragrance of the fields as we picked strawberries.  I was much younger when I picked strawberries but I do remember how back breaking it can be to bend over and pick those luscious berries.

The strawberry season is very short lived and usually last only a few weeks here. I was very happy to find very delicious berries at the farmers market for the past two weeks. I had dental surgery yesterday and I had been thinking of an easy way to prepare the berries and I know there are many luscious ways to eat them.  However, we have decided to just wash them and eat them and believe me they have been wonderful.  I love to cut a large strawberry in half and fill it with spreadable cream cheese.  Another favorite way to prepare strawberries is in a salad with balsamic vinegar.  I always freeze some strawberries and have them available for a berry pie later in the summer.

I have a breakfast buddy, Sherry that  lives just a few miles from me but we communicate by greeting cards. I will send her a card suggesting we get together and she will respond with a card. I love to receive cards in the mail and I see that tradition slipping away because of technology.  However, I think I will always be a Hallmark fan and I marvel at the creativity of the people that design greeting cards.  On Monday, right before my surgery, I received a card from Sherry and it had the greatest story on it about berry picking.  I am sharing it with you now just because I think it is so special.

sherry's cardI am thankful for my friend Sherry and that she believes in carrying on a Southern tradition that has been around forever.  I am thankful for the wonderful berry farms all over North Carolina that give us the opportunity to pick and eat such delicious fruits.   I am thankful my dental surgery was uneventful and I am recovering quickly.  I am thankful for Hallmark and I love their motto because I believe Life Is A Special Occasion too!!!   Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Lovely gratitudes! I have wonderful memories of strawberry (and blackberry) picking. Hope your mouth doesn’t hurt too much. Hugs!

    • Thank you Seasweetie. I am breezing through my recovery but I am taking it easy. I have finally learned that lesson and Mr. D is taking good care of me. Blackberry picking is something I remember from my childhood and I remember the “chigger bite” warnings. Thank goodness I never got one of those. Thanks for the Hugs!


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