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If Barbara Walters Was Coming For Lunch

Barbara Walters retired last week from ABC TV  here in the US.  I miss her already.  I remember when she was signed as the first woman anchor on a news show for one million dollars.  I think that is when I started admiring her and as a woman that worked in the banking industry, I was well aware of the glass ceiling.  She persevered and became one of my favorite TV personalities.  I never watched The View unless she was on the show and I always thought that above all else she was a lady.

If Barbara would accept my lunch invitation, what would I prepare for her.

Being Southern, I do believe we must have chicken salad.  My favorite way to make it now is to cut the chicken into small chunks.  (By the way, you can use rotisserie chicken) Add some roasted pecans, mayonaise, salt, pepper and tarragon.  If I want a little tartness, I will add some chopped dill pickle.  I would serve the chicken salad with homemade mini-corn bread muffins.

For a side dish, I would love to serve fresh strawberries from my friend’s strawberry patch.  I would serve them on a bed of butter lettuce purchased from the local farmers market.  I would add a balsamic vinegarette to enhance the flavor of the berries.

Lunch would be served in our sunroom and we would have iced tea or fruity white wine for our beverage.  Our dessert would be over the top and I would make one of the Southern versions of Banana Pudding.  This version includes sweetened condensed milk and is so creamy and delicious. It is just absolutely luscious.  Here is the recipe and it was all the rage here in the foothills in the 80’s.

eagle brand banna pudding

Why would I invite Barbara to lunch instead of dinner?  Because one day I was watching her on The View and she said she loved having lunch with her friends.  I just wonder how many times she has eaten a traditional Southern lunch?  I admire Barbara Walters because she has aged with grace and has always seemed to be such a gracious person.  She is a great role model for women of all ages and as we say here in the South, ” I believe her mama raised her right.”

As I was writing this blog, I thought not only of Barbara Walters but many of you that have become my blogging friends.  I would enjoy having lunch with you too.

Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. Next time I’m in your neighborhood, I’m totally stopping by for lunch!


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