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Sirloin Beef Kaborbs – It’s Summer Grillin Season

I love summertime and know that seems amazing when you think of the hot humid summer days in the South.  I probably do enjoy it more now because of the blessing of air conditioning.  That was not a convenience everyone had when I was growing up.  I still went outside and played and I don’t remember being concerned about the heat at all.  I do remember being upset when it rained and I couldn’t play outside.

With all the heat and humidity of my childhood summers, my parents did not ever grill anything.  I remember grilling as being an option but never remember our neighbors or friends grilling either.  However, when Mr. D and I got married we realized that we really enjoyed grilling and it has been a tradition in our family ever since.  As Memorial Day weekend is the beginning of summer, I wanted to share a recipe with you.

The recipe for the sirloin beef kabobs does appeal to me and I like the ingredients because most of us have them available in our kitchen.  When I was a young inexperienced cook, I remember making beef kabobs and I marinated them in italian dressing I had purchased.  The kabobs were good and there are so many different types of dressing that are so similar to the italian dressing that would be a quick easy way to marinate the meat.”

This recipe is from a recipe book entitled, “From the Grill.”

sirloin beef kabobs

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.

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