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From The Pirates’ House Cookbook – Queenie’s Macaroni and Cheese

I absolutely love my Pirates’ House Cookbook.  It includes recipes that are more updated and recipes that remind me so much of the days when I was growing up in the South.  The cookbook includes recipes from employees of the Pirates’ House.  The one I am sharing with you today is submitted by Queenie Mae Boyd.  As I read it, I realized it was very familiar to me and I remember how cooks when I was growing up would include evaporated milk in their macaroni and cheese.

When we visited The Pirates’ House they were serving macaroni and cheese on their buffet.  The Pirates emblem on the recipe below indicates that it is a Pirates’ House recipe. I don’t know if Queenie prepared it or not but it was creamy and delicious.  It reminded me so much of the wonderful macaroni and cheese that I ate as a child.

queenie's mac and cheese

If you are looking for an old fashioned recipe for macaroni and cheese, I think this would be a great choice.  I will be sharing another Pirates’ House recipe in my next post.  This could go on forever!!  Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. Marvelous! When did we stop using eggs and evaporated milk in Mac & Cheese? Gotta incorporate these into some of my recipes, bet they really enhance the flavor and richness.

  2. I just found this. I used to have The Pirate’s House Cookbook but lost it somehow. The oven roast using chuck roast is fabulous! Any way you can provide it to me?

  3. Queenie did prepare the macaroni and cheese for the Pirates’ House. I know, because I wrote the cookbook, and she taught me how to make it. Her mama, Gussie, who also worked in the kitchen, most likely taught her.

    • Sarah! It was a truly awesome surprise to read your comment and to realize you truly are the author of one of my most favorite cookbooks ever, The Pirates’ House Cook Book. Do you live in one of my most favorite places on earth, Savannah? Thanks bunches and please feel free to comments on my blog anytime!!!


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