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Pirate House Cookbook – One More Time – Pear Preserves

Every year as the summer season begins, I think of canning food and preservation of food.  I remember how hard my grandmother worked in her very small kitchen to can peaches and make preserves.  By the way, she didn’t have any air conditioning.  One of Mr. D’s favorite things that she prepared was pear preserves.  She would not use pectin or sure-jell because I do believe she thought it messed up your preserves.  When you ate those preserves it honestly tasted as if she cooked pears with sugar until it cooked down to a gooey thick pear mixture. IMG_2490 As i was browsing through the Pirates’ House Cookbook, I saw a recipe for pear preserves and it reminds me so much of my grandmother’s that I wanted to share it with you.  It contains lots of sugar and lots of pears and not much of anything else. pear preserves_0001 I remember how excited my Granny would get, when she would start thinking about canning her peaches or making preserves.  I also remember how excited Mr. D would be when she presented him with a jar of those wonderful pear preserves.   Granny would be so proud of me for sharing a recipe for preserves that didn’t include pectin. Special times, special people, special food.  Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. The same happens with me. I see the fruit on the trees and the memories of my childhood jump into full cinema. This year our peach harvest is very bountiful. The squirrels got all the nectarines, apples and pears. We are now canning peaches! So much fun.

    • So good to know someone is continuing my Granny’s tradition of canning peaches. Those squirrels are varmints for sure if they got your nectarines. I am looking forward to the local nectarine crop that will be available soon. Happy Summer! Happy Canning!

  2. Wonderful thoughts as usual. I just shared this on facebook


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