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Upside Down Pecan Cake – A Great Treat For Summer

When we returned from Savannah, I had pecans on my mind.  Georgia is a big producer of the pecan and as I browsed through the shops in Savannah I saw many items that included pecans. When we returned home we decided to make homemade ice cream and invite a couple of our favorite friends to enjoy it with us.  I was making strawberry ice cream and I wanted some type of small cake to accompany the ice cream.  I did not want something that would over power the taste of the ice cream.  I knew a pound cake would be a good option but I had just returned from vacation, remember, so I wanted to make something easy.

As I browsed through my cookbooks, I saw this recipe for upside down pecan cake.  It is sweet and has a caramel taste to it.  It will just make one 8 or 9 inch cake so it was exactly what I was wanting to make.  Here is a picture of my cake.



I think this is a good choice because most of us would have these ingredients in our kitchen and it is actually very easy to make.

upside down pecan cake

This recipe is from my Southern Living Cakes Cookbook and there is also a recipe for chocolate upside down cake.  I have a vanilla ice cream recipe I want to share with you later in the week and I think the chocolate cake would be a great choice to go with the ice cream.

Wow!  What a great way to start a week.  Cake and Ice Cream.



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  1. Oh, but does this look and sound delightful!!! YUMMY


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