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Summertime and Salads Go Together




Summer officially begins on Saturday.  According to our weatherman, we are predicted to have a high temperature of over 90 degrees several times this week.  I know I will complain about the heat at some time or other; however, I think the heat is a trade off for all the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown in the area..  I enjoyed our Farmers Market so much on Saturday and can’t wait to taste my first fresh corn or watermelon of the season.  I love to make salads with fresh vegetables in the summertime and today I am sharing with you three salads from a cookbook of a local church.  The cookbook is entitled, “Sharing our Best – New Hope Baptist Church, Hickory, NC.

I realize the first two recipes include canned vegetables but I think you would have the option of using fresh vegetables if you have them available.  I love to have different options available for salads as I think you can “make them your own” by substituting or changing some of the ingredients.  I think the black bean salad would be so good on a bed of fresh greens. Yum!

summer salads

I hope you are looking forward to a wonderful summer season and will create many wonderful summer experiences.  Thanks for stopping by.






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