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Easy Strawberry Mousse – A Low Calorie Sugar Free Dessert

I saw a board on Pinterest the other day entitled, “Recipes I Want to Make.”  I thought that was a wonderful idea for a board.  One of the benefits of writing this blog is sharing recipes with you that I think would be wonderful and I refer to them later.  Today, I am sharing a recipe that I wanted to try when fresh strawberries were available.  However, I let the season go by and forgot about the recipe.  As I was making my grocery list last week, I realized I had some frozen blueberries that I needed to use so I made a couple of substitutions and finally made this mousse. I do not know the origin of  this recipe.

Mr. D loved the Mousse and I used raspberry jello with blueberries instead of strawberry jello with strawberries.  I also used regular cream cheese. The Mousse was thick, tart and luscious.  I used a larger dessert dish and if I was making this again, I would assume I would have 8 servings.

I was going to insert a picture of my mousse but my computer is not cooperating at the moment.


easy strawberry mousse


This was easy to prepare and I know that it will become a family favorite.  Thanks for stopping by.



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