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Squash Supreme – A Great Summertime Recipe

I hope you had a wonderful July 4th Weekend.  We had a great weekend and as we had friends over for a cookout the weekend before, our July 4th weekend was very quiet.  We took a road trip to a mountain community on Saturday and that was lots of fun.  I will post pictures about that trip later in the week but today, I want to share a squash recipe that I think is fantastic.

On Thursday when Mr. D. arrived home from work he was carrying a bag and I knew immediately someone had given him some vegetables out of their garden. I was exactly right and he had a plentiful supply of yellow squash.  I don’t like squash and really don’t have a taste for any vegetable in the squash family.  I can eat squash, zucchini or eggplant but it isn’t something I would ever want to eat. I started thinking of  making some type of squash casserole.

I browsed through my church cookbook, Concordia Favorites from Concordia Lutheran Church in Conover and found the recipe I am sharing with you today, Squash Supreme. I really liked the taste of this casserole.  It was creamy and the stuffing added a great crunch to the squash. Here is a picture of my casserole.


Here is the recipe and if I was making this again, I would reduce the amount of margarine I used for the top of the casserole to four tablespoons or 1/2 stick of margarine.

squash supreme


This recipe must really appeal to me because I posted a very similar recipe two years ago.  Here is a link to that recipe and they incorporated the margarine into  the recipe by melting some of it and topping the squash with some of it.

If I was going to a pot luck meal or a family reunion, I think this recipe would be a great choice and could become a family favorite.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. And again, yum. I used to make something very similar to this when I had a garden.

  2. I have made this in a similar recipe and it is very good. It is good for a covered dish.

  3. Thanks trkingmomoe! I shared it with friends at work and they enjoyed it!


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