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40 Years of Southern Living Magazines Best Recipes

I love to visit he library and I always browse through the cookbook section.  Recently, I found a great cookbook entitled “Southern Living 40 Years of Our Best Recipes.  I checked the book out and saw so many recipes in the book that I really wanted to try.  Southern Living Magazine is a magazine about the South that began in 1966.  This cookbook showcases many of the great recipes published in the magazine over the years.

Last week I shared with you the Tomato Basis Asparagus Pasta Salad that is in the book. Today I want to share two more recipes and the first one is for spicy okra tomato corn saute. I saw fresh okra at the farmers market last week and I do plan to purchase some soon.  Okra is a very southern vegetable and I think you either love it or hate it.  I think you could use fresh okra in this recipe even though it calls for frozen okra.  I do prepare frozen okra in the winter because I think it is great in vegetable soup or fried.

okra saute

The next recipe I am sharing with you caught my eye because it has a comment from John Grisham and he is one of my favorite Southern authors.  In fact, I have one of his books on my walkman right now and I listen to it at the gym.  Catfish Lafitte is not a dish I am familiar with at all and I had never tasted catfish until earlier this year.  This recipe is for pan fried catfish in a cajun cream sauce.  It does sound good and I will agree with John about the pan fried fish as it is definitely my favorite way of eating fish.


I enjoyed this cookbook so much and it was a sentimental journey for me as I read many of the recipes and remembered seeing them for the first time in my Southern Living Magazine.  I really believe the magazine was a big influence in my cooking development and helped me to prepare many great Southern dishes.

I have a few more recipes from the book that I will share with you on Friday.  Thanks for stopping by.





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