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Southern Living Recipes Again

Today I am sharing more recipes from the cookbook “Southern Living 40 Years of Our Best Recipes.  Southern Living is a magazine that I enjoyed for many years.  I know for sure there were and still are many home cooks that would receive their magazine and be inspired by the cover photo.  They would make the recipe and probably serve it to their family for dinner that very same day. The magazine features gardening articles, travel articles about Southern places and recipes that are photographed beautifully.

The first recipe I am sharing with you is for a Nacho Dip.  This type of mexican dip was all the rage in the 80’s and I remember going to so many events that served a version of this.  The recipe is easy to make and I think it would be a hit for any event.

nacho dip

The second recipe for Blue Cheese Thumbprints caught my eye and looks easy to make.  It has such an unusual combination o f foods and would be a great alternative to cheese straws that are made with cheddar cheese.  I would definitely be inspired to make these.


thumbprint cookies

The next recipe includes white chocolate and that has become one of my favorite new flavors.  If I saw this recipe on the cover of my Southern Living Magazine, I am sure I would make it right away.  In fact, this recipe is one that I plan to use for our holiday celebrations.

white choc cake

I am so glad I was able to share some of the best recipes from Southern Living Magazine.  I do believe the magazine enriched my Southern life in so many ways.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Wow! Like a Southern buffet of desserts!

  2. That is exactly what Southern Living Magazine has done for years!


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