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Dore Sander’s Vegetables

This week I am featuring recipes from a cookbook I am reading, “Dori Sanders Country Cooking.”  This book brings back so many memories for me.  Dori lives on a farm in York, South Carolina and the produce from the farm is sold at the family’s  peach stand.  Dori describes each recipe so beautifully and stirs so many memories for me of my childhood.  Back in the day, we stayed at home all summer and it was a real treat when we would drive out in the country to visit a fruit stand and buy vegetables.  Many times we would visit a stand, buy a watermelon and go to a picnic table nearby and eat the melon.  I would be super excited because each stand had a personality of it’s own.  Some of them were built very sturdily and some of them would be no more than just a roof built to cover and protect the fruit and vegetables from the sun.

Today, I am sharing two of Dori’s vegetable recipes.  The first is for crowder peas and reminds me of my sister, Maxine.  She was a picky eater but she absolutely loved crowder peas.  I love crowder peas too and they are so good when they are cooked with bacon grease.  If you serve them with fresh corn bread and fresh sliced tomatoes, you don’t need anything else.

This is page one of the crowder pea recipe

crowder peas 1

This is page two of the crowder pea recipe

crowder peas 2


Here is the recipe Dori mentions for the cornbread

skilled corn bread

I am also including a recipe for stir fry vegetables that looks delicious.  As much as I love summertime and the fruits and vegetables of summer, I do become overwhelmed at times when I have a few squash, tomatoes or other vegetables on hand.  This would be a great way to incorporate a few vegetables into one delicious dish.

Here is the first page of the stir fry vegetable recipe

dtir fry vegetables


Here is the second page of the stir fry vegetable recipe.

dtir fry vegetables 2

Thank you Dori Sanders for stirring such wonderful memories of simple pleasures of my childhood.  Thank you to you, my readers, for letting me share those memories with you.

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  1. I’ve never heard of crowder peas. Are they the same as black-eyed peas?

  2. mmmmm crowder peas!!!! yummmy!


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