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Dori Sanders Peach Salad and Okra Parmigiana

Reading Dori Sander’s cookbook, Country Cooking has been like a walk down memory lane for me.  It has been great to reminisce about visiting area fruit stands when I was young and maybe that is where my love for fresh fruits and vegetables originated.  As Dori owned and ran a fruit stand, it is good to see the farm life from her perspective.

As Dori was very involved in the production of peaches, I must include a recipe for peach salad.  Of course, she has a couple of wonderful peach pie recipes in her book but I thought this looked good and would be a little easier to prepare.  It is a recipe that her mother prepared so it has been in her family tradition for a long time.

peach salad

The Okra Parmigiana is a recipe created by Dori.  She had a customer to visit her peach stand and Dori suggested she buy okra.  The customer declined even though Dori suggested using the okra several different ways.  Dori happened to look at a recipe for Eggplant Parmigiana in the newspaper she was reading and asked the customer if she had ever made okra parmigiana.  The lady said she had never heard of it and asked for the recipe.  Dori told her she didn’t have it but would bring it the next day.  Dori went by the grocery store and bought the ingredients for the eggplant parmigiana and went home and spent most of the night creating a recipe for okra parmigiana.  Dori had a recipe swap board at her fruit stand and the next morning she had the copies of her recipe written out by hand and on the board.  It was a very popular recipe and many people bought okra because of Dori’s creation.

Okra Parmigiana Page 1

okra parmigana

Okra Parmigiana Page 2

okra parmigana 2

After reading this book, I realize that Dori is a very accomplished cook, farmer, businesswoman and author.  Her book is so beautifully written and is truly a vivid example of Country Cooking traditions of the South. I would think of Dori as being a “find a way, make a way” kind of Southern woman.  Thanks for stopping by.

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