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Oh Yes We Have Tomatoes – Tomato Caprese Salad by Ina Garten

This year we have been blessed with a wonderful summer season for fresh tomatoes.  I think I have been getting a little carried away when I have visited the Farmer’s Market and have purchased too many at one time.  Now, saying that and being a Southern girl, I really don’t think you can have too many tomatoes in the summertime.  We have eaten tomatoes with basil, tomatoes with balsamic, tomato caprese salad, blt’s, and pasta salad with tomatoes.  Mr. D never complains about the foods I prepare but last week as we were eating tomatoes again, he looked at me and said, “Hmmmmmmmmmm, lots of tomatoes.” I felt as if he was reading my mind because I was thinking we had been eating lots of tomatoes during the past week.  We are still eating tomatoes but I have slowed down just a little with my preparation.  For Mother’s Day Mr D gave me a patio tomato plant and we are harvesting a few tomatoes from my plant too.

As I browsed through Ina Garten’s cookbooks for tomato recipes, I saw this one and prepared it.  It is from her cookbook, “Back to Basics. Even though Ina’s instructions include using store bought plum tomatoes and roasting them, I chose fresh tomatoes and incorporated them into my recipe but I did not roast them.  This is a picture of Ina’s Salad.

tomato caprese salad 2

This is Ina’s Recipe

tomato caprese salad

There is nothing any better than a freshly grown tomato and I am so proud of my patio tomatoes because they have the traditional old fashioned flavor I remember from childhood.  I really surprised myself by altering Ina’s recipe a little.  I have no doubt that Ina would use fresh tomatoes in her caprese salad if they were available too. I hope fresh tomatoes are available for you in your neighborhood.

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