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Shipshewana – The Amish Country – Definitely A Favorite

As we recently traveled to Indiana, one of my favorite experiences was visiting the Amish community of Shipshewana.  It is a small town with beautiful picturesque farms surrounding the area.  The shops were unique and attractive.  We had lunch at the Blue Gate Restaurant and Bakery.  It was in a pretty setting and the service was great. The menu included traditional amish favorites including chicken and noodles, chicken pie and wonderful desserts.  Mr. D and I had meat loaf and I was amazed at how sweet the sauce was that was served over the meatloaf. The dish was served as a Shepherd’s pie with a layer of fluffy mashed potatoes covered with the meat loaf and then a generous helping of cheddar cheese.  It was delicious.  Our grandchildren had the traditional chicken and noodles and I loved the thin Amish noodles included in their dish.  Mr. D had sugar free cherry pie for dessert and I had sugar cream pie.  That is the official pie of the state of Indiana. The sugar cream pie was good and had a custard texture and a caramel taste.  Mr. D loved the cherry pie and the  beautiful flaky crust.

Here is a link to the Blue Gate Restaurant: Below is apicture of downtown Shipshewana from the front of the restaurant.




We truly enjoyed visiting the Amish Country and it felt like such a homey place.  The picture below was taken in nearby Grabill, IN as an Amish man is getting ready to hitch his horse to his buggy.


Picture of an Amish farm and a cemetery along the road in Grabill, IN

Below is a picture of downtown Shipshewana, IN


We had a wonderful time touring the this area of Indiana.

Now, I must make a confession.  This Southern girl had never been in further north than Virginia before she went on this trip.  It had always been a curiosity to me and I was very happy to see so many things I had heard of but never seen.  Below are some of the things that I think I will always remember:

The corn fields all over the place.  I have rode through rural areas of the South but I have never seen such large farms and so much corn and so many soybeans.  Different from what I have seen but still very beautiful. I love seeing the windmill farms too.


The Ohio River and the trestle bridges.  That is something I have not seen in the South and I was fascinated by them.


The vastness of Lake Michigan.  I kept thinking I was at the Ocean but realized there was no waves.


The beauty of Louisville, Kentucky.  They have done a wonderful job of revitalizing their downtown area and there are so many different activities for their citizens.


The size of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and I was amazed at just how awesome it is.


I can say the same thing about Churchill Downs but it is so small but such a tradition.  I am amazed that over 150,000 people attend the Kentucky Derby every year and the entire race lasts three minutes.


The mountains of West Virginia are absolutely beautiful.


I drove home from Kentucky and I knew I was in the South when I started hearing, “How Y’all Doing?”  I enjoyed this experience so much and it makes me want to travel to other parts of this wonderful country.

However, I must say I was so happy to see the sign that said, Welcome to Tennessee and I was extremely happy to see the sign Welcoming Me To North Carolina.

There is no place like home. Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Oh how I love it there! I’m from Indiana, I lived 6 blocks from The Indianapolis Motor Speedway! And I grew up going to Shipshewana and Merryville, IN with my grandparents. We loved going to Amish country. Did you miss out on Shoo Fly Pie??? ohhhh what great food memories there! Still today I have a deep love and interest in the Amish, and my favorite Christian fiction writer is Beverly Lewis and she writes fiction about the Amish!

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