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Henderson House’s Muffins and Honey Butter

Earlier in the week, I wrote about Dawn O’Brien’ Book, “North Carolina’s Historic Restaurants and their recipes.” I am really enjoying the book and it is good to read about restaurants I have visited and see the recipes Dawn has chosen to write about.  I have visited New Bern, NC and it is a small community on the coast of North Carolina and it is a very picturesque community. I did not eat at Henderson House but I loved the recipe I am sharing with you today for their muffins and honey butter. Sadly, I have learned that this restaurant is now closed.

Honestly now is there anything that tastes better than fresh baked bread with butter?  This recipe doesn’t seem that difficult and I can just imagine how pleasant they smell while they are baking.  I love the honey butter recipe too and it is an easy recipe to make too.  I can imagine having new neighbors to move in next door and offering them fresh baked muffins and honey butter as a welcoming gift.  I think they would be friends for life.

biscuits and butter

I am thankful for people like Dawn Lewis that keep Southern traditions alive. I love the comment on the honey butter recipe about being able to store it for a long time in the fridge.  It wouldn’t last very long at our house if we baked fresh biscuits or bread.  I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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