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Turnip Greens With Corn Meal Dumplings – Memphis Style

This week I am featuring recipes from a cookbook entitled, ” Gracious Goodness – The Taste of Memphis.”  I love this cookbook and I am really enjoying reading about attractions and traditions of Memphis, Tennessee.  When I saw the recipe I am sharing with you today, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My Grandmother made turnip greens with corn meal dumplings and I have always wanted to be able to make them.  I have asked different people and read many cookbooks but never found any recipe that resembled her preparation of the turnips with the corn meal dumplings in the pot liquor from the turnips. Turnips have a very strong flavor and the corn bread makes the whole dish very mellow and comforting..  I know that my Granny never used garlic in her turnips but the concept of this recipe is the same. I do remember the size of the dumplings was small and almost as if you were dunking your corn bread into the broth of the greens.

turnip dumplings_0001

Do you have a favorite recipe from your past that you wish you would have kept?  I am so happy to find this one and as far as I know, I only have one other one that I wish I would have kept.  My Mother made a cake that was like a pound cake but it was an apple cake that included dried apples.  She called it an applesauce cake but there was no applesauce in the cake. It had lots of spices in it and I think it included raisins and nuts.  If anyone has seen a recipe similar to that, I would love to know about it.

Thank you Memphis for such wonderful food traditions.  And thanks everyone for stopping by.


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  1. Turnip Greens I love………..have never had Corn Meal Dumplings……….gotta give that a try!

  2. Please Do! My Granny’s were so good and I will definitely be eating turnips and dumplings this winter. Yum!


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