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Memphis Inspired Bourbon Marinated Ribs

When I think of Memphis, Tennessee, I think of Elvis, The Mississippi River, and barbecue.  In Memphis their main meat to barbecue is pork as it is here in North Carolina.  The Memphis tradition for the sauce includes a tomato based sauce with vinegar.  In North Carolina we have a western style sauce that is tomato based or an eastern style sauce that is vinegar based.   As I read through the cookbook I am featuring this week, “Good Gracious- The Taste of Memphis, I thought their barbecue would be delicious and now I really want to go to Memphis.

I am not a fan of ribs but Mr. D loves them.  We have or should I say, he has made them several times and they were good.  When I saw the recipe for bourbon marinated ribs, I thought it would be a great summertime treat.  I am not sure many of us have roasters in our home but I would hope we could end the process of roasting the ribs in our ovens.  I am not a big fan of the taste of bourbon but I can see where it would be a great flavor to incorporate into the ribs.

bourbon ribs


As many of us here in the US have started thinking about Labor Day plans next week, wouldn’t this be a great choice for family and friends? Now, I am ready to plan my visit to Memphis.  What a special treat it would be to visit this great Southern city.  Can you imagine the mighty Mississippi, Elvis’s Graceland Home and Barbecue at the same time?  Heaven on earth for sure.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend, Y’all!


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